Monday, April 2, 2012

What Are Town Fair Tire Coupons?

Have you heard of Town Fair Tire Coupons? It is not surprising if you haven't heard of these coupons before because the trend has been gaining more popularity lately. These are discount coupons offered by various merchants or the companies that allow the customers to buy tires at reduced or discounted rates. Yes, this is true. Just like you get discounts while shopping from a super market, these coupons allow you to get discounts while buying tires.
These coupons are beneficial for the customers as well as the merchants. The customers get good deals and pay less while merchants get new customers buying from them. This is a great business concept which is working wonders for merchants as well as the tire manufacturing companies. You can find more about these coupons online and even get them online from different websites. Just look for these coupons by finding them on a search engine.

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  1. Dear Mr. Collins,

    I am an attorney representing Town Fair Tire Centers, Inc. (“Town Fair”) in its intellectual property matters. Our client has used the service mark TOWN FAIR in connection with retail tire store services since 1967 and has obtained Federal service mark registration no. 1,271,215 for this service mark. This registration has been rendered incontestable under the provisions of the U.S. trademark law. In addition, our client has used the service mark TOWN FAIR TIRE since 1967 and has obtained Federal service mark registration no. 2,746,782 for this service mark.

    Town Fair has recently become aware of your web site, Your web site improperly includes reference to our client’s company name, uses our client’s trademarks and trademarked corporate logo, and displays copyrighted photos and commercials that are the property of our client. Your web site also improperly uses our client's trademarked name "Town Fair" in the URL and in the web site metatags.

    As you must realize, the use of our client’s name, trademarks, and copyrighted material, and the like is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake among the trade and consuming public. Such acts will constitute a clear infringement of Town Fair’s trademarks, service marks, and copyrights, as well as unfair competition and passing off.

    Our client requests that you voluntarily shut down the this web site and that you immediately cease and desist from all other acts of unfair competition against Town Fair.

    While we are hopeful that this matter can be resolved amicably, please note that this communication is forwarded without prejudice and with reservation of all rights.

    I look forward to hearing from you or your counsel before January 2, 2014.

    Douglas McAllister
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